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Tomorrow's ICT Today

CSL’s Software Development team provides customers with a full range of software development and support services.

We work with customers to design applications from scratch to meet their specific needs. Occasionally we will tailor an existing package to cater for special customer requirements or to cater for needs unique to Samoa. Our team has been involved in developing a number of applications including:

  • Websites
  • Financial, banking and treasury systems
  • Insurance, superannuation and investment systems
  • Loan application systems
  • Hotel management
  • Customer Related Management systems
  • Secure Electoral Database with bio-metric detection
  • Drivers license, vehicle registration databases
  • Online database and e-commerce systems

The majority of our work has been developed in RPG/400, Microsoft Access, VB, SQL Server, Visual Foxpro, .NET and Cold Fusion.

Bureau Services
The Bureau provides a full range of data process facilities covering operations, administration and security, and support of virtually any PC or LAN / WAN servers or communications devices.

Hardware and Communication
This service currently utilises IBM iSeries machines located at the CSL premises.

Customers can be connected to these machines using a variety of communications such as twinax cables, straight connections using cat5 UTP cable, leased lines with either remote controllers or CISCO routers, and so forth.

Customers have the option of owning equipment and software or using CSL-owned equipment and software.

We are currently running the systems with in-house application software that was developed specifically for our customers’ needs and requirements. These include:

  • Insurance systems
  • Loan systems
  • Pension schemes

We can also offer Preceda People which is an integrated Human Resources and Payroll solution that has a native Web browser interface and runs on Windows client.Some of the features include:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Employee Self Service
  • Recruitment
  • HR Planning
  • Taining and Development
  • Preceda PAY, Neller’s Payroll, Remuneration and Salary Adminstration solution

The Bureau service currently operates from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.00pm, and can be extended to 8.00pm upon client request on that particular day before 12.00 noon. Excess hours are chargeable after 8.00pm on weekdays and on the weekends.

Outsourcing/ Facilites Management
“Outsourcing is nothing less than a basic redefinition of the corporation around core competencies and long-term outside relationships. These core competencies and outside relationships are chosen to bring the greatest value to the ultimate customer and the greatest productivity to the corporation itself”
Michael F Corbett & Associates
CSL is currently providing an outsourcing and facilities management service to customers who want to concentrate on their core businesses. They have been put in place for clients who do not have the expertise in certain processes and also do not have economies of scale. Here a t CSL, we aim to make the workload easier for the clients. They only have to tell us the result that they want to achieve and we will decide the best way to implement and accomplish them in accordance with their objectives.

We offer:

  • Data collection and entry
  • Distribution of data in different formats
  • Hardware and operating system support
  • Communications/ Connectivity management and support