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Recent Projects:
FAO SOLA (Solutions for Open Land Administration) – Samoa Pilot Project [March 2012 – June 2013]

CSL developers worked with the Samoa Pilot Customization Team and the Rome based SOLA Development Team, project stakeholders from the MNRE and FAO (the donor organization) as well as those parties with a vested interest in the Samoan Pilot project to meet project objectives.

Objectives included:

1. Migrate Samoa View (DCDB) to an open source environment that supports cadastral mapping functions, processing of lodged cadastral survey plans, cadastral map and survey plan searches.

2. Migrate the Land Registration System (LRS) to an open source environment that supports dealing registration functionality, computer folio (title) certificates and existing LRS search products.

3. Provide read only access to cadastral map information via a GIS viewer to all MNRE staff.

4. Provide read only access to selected title registration information to all MNRE staff.

5. Implement enhancements supporting Unit (Strata) Titles legislation.

6. Implement a Digital Archive to manage scanned registration documents.

7. Develop local expertise capable of supporting and enhancing the open source system(s).

LTA (Land and Transport Authority) Traffic Offense Notifications (TON’s) Management System [May – October 2013]

Using Agile Methodology, CSL developed a TONs module to integrate into the current Road and Transport Safety (RTAS) system which primarily records vehicle registrations, ownerships and registrations. This allowed for the ability to record and manage Traffic Offense Notifications (TON’s)